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$200,000 First Mortgage – Single Family Investment – Oakland, NJ

$200,000 First Mortgage – Single Family Investment – Oakland, NJ

H&O Capital Funding was recently contacted by a mortgage broker they’ve done substantial business with over the past few years. The difference in this deal was that the broker himself was the investor on a property. It was a small deal, but the broker felt he was getting a steal and just wanted to close quickly. H&O Capital stepped up and provided the broker with a $200,000 first mortgage loan that he needed to get the deal closed in two weeks.

We are a direct money lender, with funds available for loans backed by real estate holdings. We can offer fast approvals on short-term financing and long-term loans in amounts up to $15 million. Unlike some commercial lenders, we regularly fund smaller loans ranging from $150,000 to $1 million. Working with our private investment partners, we move to close deals quickly. We lend money for many reasons: To help borrowers buy property, fund a balloon payment, stabilize a property threatened with foreclosure, or operate until permanent financing can be obtained.

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