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$1,060,000 First Mortgage – Single Family Investment – Mamaroneck, NY

$1,060,000 First Mortgage – Single Family Investment – Mamaroneck, NY

H&O Capital Funding was  contacted by a local investor who needed to refinance the loan on his single family home in Mamaroneck, NY. The borrower ran into some credit trouble during his divorce and wasn’t able to seek conventional financing at this time. In stepped H&O Capital to get him the funds he needed to close, and the time he needs to straighten out his credit. There were some minor hiccups (small title issues) along the way that delayed the closing, but H&O Capital was still able to close the loan in under four weeks.

H&O Capital is  a direct money lender, with funds available for loans backed by real estate holdings. We can offer fast approvals on short-term financing and long-term loans in amounts up to $15 million. Unlike some commercial lenders, we regularly fund smaller loans ranging from $150,000 to $1 million. Working with our private investment partners, we move to close deals quickly. We lend money for many reasons: To help borrowers buy property, fund a balloon payment, stabilize a property threatened with foreclosure, or operate until permanent financing can be obtained.

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