Blanket First Mortgage

$3,250,000 Blanket First Mortgage – Two Apartment Complexes – Danville, PA

$3,250,000 Blanket First Mortgage – Two Apartment Complexes – Danville, PA

H&O Capital Funding was recently contacted by a an investor who ran into some trouble with two large apartment complexes in the Danville, PA area. The borrower had some severe flooding issues with another property he owned in the area that weren’t covered by insurance. To make the needed repairs he used much of his cash flow from the two apartment complexes over the past two years, falling behind on his mortgage and some water bills. In stepped H&O Capital to get him the funds he needed to pay off his current mortgage and the back due water bills. The loan gives him the breathing room he needs to get everything in order before refinancing with a conventional lender in 1-2 years. The deal took approximately three weeks to close

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