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Financing a commercial or multifamily residential real estate project has gotten more difficult in recent years. Banks rarely understand the upside potential that small, community-focused developers and entrepreneurs see. The result: endless red-tape that leads to missed opportunities.

There’s no time to jump through hoops to secure funding when great deals become available. H&O Capital Funding is a direct lender and never acts as a broker. H&O Capital can give you the loan you need quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on growing your business. Contact us to discuss all of our commercial lending services opportunities with you.

We are a direct money lender, with funds available for loans backed by real estate holdings. We can offer fast approvals on short-term financing and long-term loans in amounts up to $15 million. Unlike some commercial lenders, we regularly fund smaller loans ranging from $150,000 to $1 million. Working with our private investment partners, we move to close deals quickly. We lend money for many reasons: To help borrowers buy property, fund a balloon payment, stabilize a property threatened with foreclosure, or operate until permanent financing can be obtained.

Hard money made smarter

Strictly speaking, you could call us a hard money lender. But we’re more than that. By keeping our focus on opportunities in communities we know well, we’re providing short-term capital funding for projects that we’re very confident will be successful and beneficial for all stakeholders. That approach makes every part of your project go faster and more smoothly. And it’s why brokers, inspectors, appraisers, builders, entrepreneurs, and yes, even a few local governments, like to do business with us.

We work smarter, too

We start by listening to understand the opportunity and the obstacles. Then we quickly bring our extensive commercial real estate, development and financial experience to bear in order to help you realize your vision. You’ll have the advantage of an entire team of commercial real estate experts to help guide you through the entire process, to get you the perfect combination of financing terms to make your business dreams a reality.

Find out how smart-money lending can help you

You hear a lot about tech start-ups and relationships with their early stage investors. And one thing you will hear from just about every entrepreneur, angel investor and venture capital manager is never take dumb money. The ideal investor understands the business opportunity and has experience to help it succeed.

Our in-house team of commercial real estate licensed brokers, appraisers and loan officers collaborate to help shore up your business plans for a solid future. Our expertise combined with our capital resources makes our money your smart-money. Developing a relationship with hard money lenders that have your best interests in mind is the key to success. You can borrow with confidence knowing you’re working with a commercial lender that cares.

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