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$1,100,000 Commercial Loan – Four Family Home – Brooklyn, NY

$1,100,000 Second Mortgage – Four Family Home – Brooklyn, NY

H&O Capital Funding recently was contacted by another one of their repeat borrowers for a commercial loan. The borrower needed some quick cash for a deal he was working on in Chicago. Being the savvy investor that he is, the borrower has maintained a very small first mortgage on the property leaving plenty of equity in case he needed it. When the opportunity arose in Chicago, the borrower immediately contacted H & O Capital for a $1,100,000 second mortgage that he needed in under two weeks.  H&O Capital was able to get the investor the funds he needed in under two weeks, helping to salvage the deal out in Chicago.

Financing a commercial or multifamily residential real estate project has gotten more difficult in recent years. Banks rarely understand the upside potential that small, community-focused developers and entrepreneurs see. The result: endless red-tape that leads to missed opportunities.

There’s no time to jump through hoops to secure funding when great deals become available. H&O Capital Funding is a direct lender and never acts as a broker. H&O Capital can give you the loan you need quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on growing your business.

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