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Hard Money Lending Still an Option with H&O Capital Funding LLC

With the threat of COVID-19 on the rise, the world is facing trying times, and this has caused many lenders to start reducing their offerings or simply put a pause on lending altogether. However, we understand that there is still a need for quality lending to be made available, which is why H&O Capital Funding LLC is still active. Given the state of the economy, it is entirely understandable that many people have a need for liquidity today and we want to be able to help. We’ve worked to streamline our process, which will help move things along in what has become a tough environment to get deals closed.

Over the many years that we’ve been in business, we’ve been committed to providing help for our customers when they need it. Whether it is a commercial real estate investor in need of financing, appraisal services, advisory, or brokerage services, we have the knowledge and experience to help. If you are looking for hard money loans and need a lender, we could be the ideal solution for you during these strange days where so many other lenders have shuttered their services entirely.

There Are Still Opportunities on the Market

While the …

$300,000 First Mortgage – Vacant Land – Yonkers, NY


$300,000 First Mortgage – Vacant Land – Yonkers, NY

H&O Capital Funding recently closed a loan on a vacant parcel of land in SouthEast Yonkers, just north of the Bronx. The borrower approached H&O needing a small loan to help him complete his $1m+ purchase, where he plans to build a retail store to take advantage of its busy location. While it took some time to iron out the particulars, the deal closed in a flurry of activity as the sellers were leaving the country for an extended period of time and needed to close in under a week. H&O Capital was able to get it done on just two days notice, making for one happy borrower (and seller!).

H&O Capital Funding  has helped countless real estate buyers, sellers, lessees and lessors achieve their goals. Our legacy is unwavering commitment to the communities we serve. Houlihan & O’Malley Commercial Real Estate Services specializes in four distinct, yet overlapping, areas of business: Commercial Brokerage services, Private Mortgage services, Appraisal Services and Advisory services.

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