Bronx-Manhattan North Board of Realtors – Yankee Outing

Thursday June 8th – NY Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox – Yankees Win 9 – 1

On a beautiful Thursday evening in the Bronx, Houlihan & O’Malley joined many other members of the Bronx-Manhattan North Board of Realtors for their annual NY Yankees outing. Liz Genovese and Steven Manela of the appraisal group, as well as Rich Salinaro and Dan Houlihan of the private lending division were on hand to see the game and connect with their peers to discuss the real estate industry and, of course, talk a little baseball.

The outing was a great way to for the realtor board members to connect in a low-key setting. Between the hot dogs, burgers and beers it was a fun night out for Liz, Steven, Rich and Dan. The icing on the cake was the Yankees win over their dreaded rival the Boston Red Sox!

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