$400,000 Multi-Family Acquisition Loan – TWO DAYS TO CLOSE – Yonkers, NY

Two Days to Close – Yonkers, NY 7-Unit Residential Building – $400,000 Acquisition Loan

The borrower, with whom H&O Capital Funding has worked with in the past, came to H&O about two weeks prior to the date of his TOE closing for an acquisition loan. H&O was interested in the deal but the borrower found an equity partner and decided he didn’t need the loan after all.

Two days prior to the closing the borrower came back to H&O when his equity partner got cold feet at the last moment. Thankfully the property was clean and there were no issues upon inspection so H&O Capital Funding was able to salvage the deal and provide the borrower with the $400,000 needed to close on time.

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