Commercial Real Estate Market

Commercial Real Estate Market Continues to Grow – Consider Investing in It

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, such as the decline in demand for office space, the commercial real estate market is growing at a good pace. According to experts, industrial and retail properties are performing the best, while the hotel and hospitality industry is recovering quite well. Plus, apartment buildings are becoming great investments as rents are rising across the board.

The housing shortage is likely to keep rents on the incline, with an expected increase of more than 10 percent over the next two years. The best performer in 2021? Multifamily investment volume surpassed any asset class in history ever, coming in at an impressive $352 billion worth of investments.

Why should you consider investing in the commercial real estate market? There’s always the good old standby: people are always going to need a place to live. And as the housing shortage and the resale market continue to careen on a dangerous path, more people will be looking to rent and be willing to pay higher prices to do so. These factors, along with the performance of the industrial and retail spaces, make it a better time than you might think to invest in commercial real estate.…