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$1,700,000 Blanket First & Second Mortgage – Mixed-Use Property & Development Piece – Westfield, NJ


$1,700,000 Blanket First & Second Mortgage – Mixed-Use Property & Development Piece – Westfield, NJ

The borrower in this deal is a developer who has done a lot of work in Northeast New Jersey. Having hit a few roadblocks with his conversion of a vacant property from office to residential use, he needed some funds to pursue the issue with the town. A vacant property without the approvals for redevelopment isn’t very marketable and most lenders were stymied trying to underwrite the deal. H&O Capital, however, was able to determine that there was enough equity behind a first mortgage on a mixed-use property the borrower owned in the same area. H&O did the deal as a blanket to make it work. There were a number of moving pieces here, but H&O was still able to get the deal closed in just three weeks.

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Coop Commercial Loan Closing – Northern Manhattan

H & O Capital Funding would like to announce a recently closed commercial  loan in Northern Manhattan.

Blanket Mortgage Loan of $700,000

The borrower in this deal had been negotiating a tax lien payoff and needed a refinance of his two investor-owned cooperative apartment units in Washington Heights to make that happen. The borrower came to H&O Capital Funding because time was short. H&O was able to step in and provide a commercial loan in time.…